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Changing Faces, Inc. (CFI) is a multifaceted with locations in multiple states across the united states. Changing Faces has a mission to provide support services and housing initiatives to individuals and families in our surrounding area. CFI has plans to develop a new and innovating housing model that serves children in the foster care system or whom have special abilities. CFI will initiate collaborative partnerships with public and private agencies in our located area. 

CFI aims to support Georgia, South Carolina and Mississippi residents through disseminating relevant and up to date information about eligible services and resources available in their communities through a coordinated approached from beginning to end.

Changing Faces will operate a resource center in each listed stated. CFI's resource centers will provide resources and services to meet our clients need. Resources such as accessibility to food, clothing closets, computers, phones, educational parenting classes, family activities, dinners and fun outings. Transportation, after school programs, daycare;s and resources to aide individuals and families in their transition.


We supervise and manage 10 apartments in Georgia, The apartments consist of 2 and 3 bedroom apartments for individuals and families experiencing temporary homelessness. We are giving clients the opportunity to regain self-sufficiency in a residential setting. We provide the participants with supportive services, resources and case management to help rebuild a productive lifestyle for themselves, their children and their families.

Our Families live in furnished apartments for up to one year. During this time they are required to work and a portion of their income. We have designed and implemented an accountability plan that outlines our clients goals. Clients are expected to attend classes and life coaching sessions that will help hold them accountable in meeting their goals.

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